Privacy Policy

To be honest, we don't wanna know who you are

Information being collected: does not collect information directly attributable to any of the site's visitors. We do collect e-mail addresses from individuals who submit sites for inclusion in our site directory. Users of our discussion forum can create member accounts, that information is only used to verify identity and forum access.

Use of collected information: We collect only non-personally-identifiable data and use it only to determine the number and sources of visitors to the site. E-mail addresses provided by site submitters is stored for future reference, if the site is accepted to the directory. E-mail addresses for rejected sites are deleted once the submitter has been notified of the rejection.

Third party distribution of collected information: We will never share any of the information that we collect directly from visitors or site submitters.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please e-mail us at this address:

Please note: uses the services of outside agencies which may or may not collect information about Internet users. We also provide hyperlinks to external sites that have their own policies. Interested visitors are encouraged to review the privacy policies at those sites.