Frequently Asked Questions

We rarely get any questions, but you get the idea


How do you choose the sites that get listed?

Almost all of the sites listed in the directory come from submissions from site owners. We visit all of the submissions and verify that they are what they say they are. We're committed to only listing sites that have something that will be of interest to our visitors. We make sure they're more than just a few photos slapped on a page. (If you're a webmaster and want to get your site listed on BabeMania, visit our Webmaster Information page.)

I have a problem with one of your advertisers. Can you fix it?

Sorry, you'll have to settle it directly with the advertiser. However: If you feel that you're the victim of dishonesty or fraud, PLEASE let us know. We'll investigate and seriously consider dropping them as advertisers. We don't want to be associated with anyone who treats our visitors unfairly.

Hey, I found some dead links! What's up with that?

We try to do an occasional check of what's working and what isn't, but we don't catch everything. Where it's available you can use the "click here to report a broken or inaccurate link" link. Otherwise, you can send us an e-mail and we'll remove any bad links you find. And thank you for the help!