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Get your site's babe pages listed in the BabeMania directory! E-mail us with ALL of the following information for EACH page you'd like added to BabeMania:

(1) Your page's title (2) Your page's complete URL (3) Text description for your page (up to 30 words, PLEASE make it specific to the "babe") (4) Complete URL of page on BabeMania where you'd like to have your page added

We'll consider your site for listing as soon as possible. Not all submitted sites are accepted for listing, see our FAQ for criteria.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR MULTI-CELEB SITES: E-mail us (at with information about your site. We'll let you know if your site is suitable for addition and we'll send you formatting information so that you can submit multiple pages.

NOTE: Every "babe" page to be added must provide a return link to, NOT just a single link from your site's home page. The link should point to the BabeMania page for that "babe". Thanks!

Thanks for your interest. You'll receive an e-mail when your site is added to the directory.

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